In 2020 and 2021 we have witnessed an extremely serious wave of repression against nationalism and nationalists in Europe. The liberal war on freedom has hit legal organizations and parties with elected political representation in regional, national and European parliaments.

The most serious cases are as follows:

in Slovakia, the leader of Our Nations party Marian Kotleba was sentenced to 4 years and 8 months because of a ridiculous accusation brought against him by the Minister of Justice for having donated to a family in need the amount of 1488 euro. According to the prosecution the 1488 figure was representing a set of “extremist” numbers that deserved conviction and such a truly outrageous sentence, clearly aimed at destroying Mr. Kotlebas career.

Golden Dawn: the persecution started when the party was reaching percentages of around 12% of the votes. The war on Golden Dawn began with the murder of two young militants who were shot at point blank outside the party’s headquarters. With far-left death squads targeting Golden Dawn on the streets, the Greek establishment moved to jail its leaders. A show trial ended in terms of up to 13 years imprisonment. The most astonishing case is that of Ioannis Lagos, an elected Member of the European Parliament elected. Having been sentenced in absentia to 13 years in prison in a political show trial, he was arrested a few days ago in Brussels. He is now awaiting extradition to Greece.

Meanwhile, there have been attacks against Democracia Nacional and the Falange in Spain and Forza Nuova in Italy. Pedro Chaparro and Giuliano Castellino were sentenced in a massive demonstration of injustice that has shaken the Palace of Justice of Madrid and Rome.

This level of naked political repression has not been seen in Europe since 1980, the year in which Italian nationalists, especially in Terza Posizione, were subjected to brutal persecution, which saw some killed and hundreds of people thrown to jail for nearly five years for “political crimes”.

The new wave of repression shows clearly that the Deep State in Europe has decided to target nationalist parties all belonging to the Alliance for Peace and Freedom. This European-level political part was established in February 2015 as a “nationalist international”, with historical leader including Jean Marie Le Pen, militants, headquarters, and members of different parliaments, all active in their countries to oppose Marxist and capitalist ideologies and the Deep State.

It is clearly significant that this concerted move to exterminate an entire field of political thought and action was launched immediately prior to the liberal Establishment’s shameless exploitation of the Covid 19 pandemic. Further, the continued repression of the only political force which has expressed coherent and informed opposition to Covid lockdowns, is an integral part of the broader “Great Reset” eclipse of laws and liberties.

The Deep State has embarked on a policy to harass and politically exterminate the only force to counterattack against the dictatorship of Gates and Schwab, and the powerful corporate capitalist and Communist forces with which they collaborate. The aim of the persecution is to prevent the emergence of a politically charged connection between national revolutionaries and the large and growing body of European citizens who reject the Great Reset.

In the light of this, we denounce the attack against the militants and leaders of the nationalist movements of Europe. We state our determination to counterattack, reorganizing the Alliance for Peace and Freedom as a real and solid opposition to the undemocratic and extremely damaging actions of the global elite. The APF will reestablish its structure and its activities throughout Europe in order to give back to the public a real choice and the means by which to express constructive opposition to lockdowns and the broader Great Reset agenda.

  • Roberto Fiore – Forza Nuova
  • Nicholas Griffin
  • Udo Voigt – Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands
  • Kay Nertheimer – Nationaldemokratische Partei DeutschlandsMEP Berlin
  • Miša Vacić – Leader of The Serbian Right
  • Artur Costa – Alexandre Santos – Força Nova
  • Pedro Chaparro – Democracia Nacional
  • Tudor Ionescu – Nuova Dreapta
  • Ioannis Zografos – Elasyn
  • Yvan Benedetti – Parti Nationaliste Français