“Europa Una Grande e Libera” Milan, 20th December 2014, Forza Nuova held this conference at Hotel Milton where more than 500 people arrived, from different part of Italy and not only, to attend at this conference who definitely means an important change in the European political scenario.

Guests from the most influential nationalist parties in Europe have been invited to say NO to a Europe ruled by bankers where immigration is not regulated and there is a clear attempt to evoke and destroy our natural and spiritual roots by giving to homosexual couples social freedom and promoting unconventional unions.

Nick Griffin, ex BNP, started his speech by giving an historical reference about the strategy adopted by the English Government, guilty of exporting Opium to China during mid nineteenth century. By supplying this drugs England succeeded in having many thousands of Chinese addicted and after Chinese Government banned this drug the only one who gained richness, after many riots and wars went off, was indeed The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) owned by the great-great-grandfather of David Cameron, Ewen Cameron. It is clear then how even 100 years ago the ideology anglo-zionist was concentrated and dedicated to the decay of society. As consequence, all this internal troubles and conflicts leaded to annexation of China to Russia in 1905.

It’s then Russia and Putin to be mentioned many times by all guests and Roberto Fiore stated different times how after 1989 another Russia revived to compete against a new order who was looking to rule the all world. USA, for example, are trying to fight against Russia using different excuses, first of all the war in Syria then trying to interfering with Ukrainian crisis but, strategically, Putin understood that avoiding to meet USA real intentions. It is evident that what we all need to fight is a huge and vicious religious and economical power. “Russia (continued Roberto Fiore) is not against Europe. Russia is Europe and it could really become the Third Rome in a nearest future. We were right in predicting all issues related to immigration, and we will be right now in predicting the new role that Russia will have in Europe”

Gonzalo Garcia Martin from Democracia National started his speech by recalling Roberto Fiore’s last words; Immigration is a main concern for all Europe along with the actions put in place by a New World Order to defeat those countries where the European culture was born like Lampedusa, Ceuta and Melilla, and where the constant landing of thousands of immigrants screw and affect the quality of living of those people. European Parliament is still ignoring any requests of help and assistance in containing the events. Furthermore an uncontrolled immigration of people coming from Syria and middle east will put the all Europe at in eminent risk of terroristic attack by members of ISIS who will easily mix with other immigrants avoiding security control and creating terroristic cells spreading in all European countries. On this subject Ugo Voigt, MEP for NPD, has used even more harsh words : “ we need to protect Europe from an uncontrolled immigration. We don’t want a flow of populations with cultures different from ours”.

Another common thread during all conference has been the preservation of traditional families. One of the most important actions to take will be fighting against those who want to promote and legitimate homosexual unions and avoid any kind of adoption or child custody by homosexual couples.

Olivier Wyssa, formal member of Front National resigned from his position because of his contrast with the leadership of Marine Le Pen, said: “ French nationalists are fighting every day in order to protect the standard family considered as a union between a man and woman”. Roberto Fiore is following this line too by attacking once again the European Parliament who would like to spread instability and confusion within the population in order to rule and create disorder and economical crisis.

Despite the persecution affecting many members of Golden Dawn they were present at the conference, and their ideas are marching along side the Alliance for Peace and Freedom, the new group being formed by Forza Nuova and involving members of European Parliament and all other groups present at the conference.

To represent Golden Dawn there was Eleftherios Synadinos, former General of Greek Special Forces. His words are all dedicated to underline how the actual oligarchic government, promoted by American Zionists, is trying to destroy everything related to the Greek culture. Golden Dawn, throught Synadinos’s words, restates their mission to regain their own sovereignty and old traditions who made Greece a great country and cradle of European culture.

Stefan Jacobsson member of Svenskarnas Party, Maria Teresa Baldini (elected with another party and now member of Forza Nuova) attended the conference as well to support and share their position on these topics. The nationalist Greek Cypriot party called Elam was virtually present by sending a video message supporting the actions and the position taken by Forza Nuova and all parties of the Alliance for Peace and Freedom.

Despite some attempts to stonewall this meeting, the conference was a success. Police forces controlled the area around the Hotel and only few protestants had their chance to demonstrate against this conference.