Crotone 18 febb –
Ringraziamo l’eurodeputato greco di Alba Dorata, on. Lampros Fountoulis, per aver presentato, su nostra richiesta, interrogazione scritta al Parlamento Europeo sullo scempio rappresentato dalla cementificazione di Capo Colonna (KR). Grazie a lui, e all’interessamento diretto del nostro segretario nazionale Roberto Fiore, Forza Nuova Calabria ha fatto arrivare la propria voce fino a Bruxelles.
L’interrogazione, di cui adesso attendiamo la necessaria risposta scritta, è stata presentata il 30 gennaio, ecco il testo in lingua inglese:

Parliamentary questions
30 January 2015
Question for written answer
to the Commission
Rule 130
Lampros Fountoulis (NI)

Subject: Renovation of archaeological site forming part of the cultural heritage

The Capo Colonna archaeological site, covering several thousand square metres of land close to the southern Italian city of Crotone, contains valuable relics from the ancient Greek city of Croton. In addition, one of the most important holy places in the entire Mediterranean, the sanctuary of the goddess Hera, wife of Zeus, is situated on the Capo Colonna promontory.

The area is currently being developed for cultural tourism and the provision of better tourist facilities. However, a number of difficulties are arising owing to the need to protect the fragile relics and because of the unstable terrain. Any archaeological findings to be put on display must be treated with extreme care.

In view of this:
— Does the Commission consider it appropriate for a car park to be located in front of an ancient church in the middle of the archaeological site?
— What measures must be taken regarding the display of relics discovered in the last quarter of 2014?
— Are EU-funded works being supervised so as to ensure that no damage of any kind is caused to the temple building by vibrations from heavy machinery?